LIFEHACK. Did you know that you have to keep your ice cream upside down in the freezer?


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Extreme heat calls for extreme cooling measures, so chances are you’ve eaten about five ice creams in the past few days. In any case, we ourselves have a huge ice supply in the freezer. But if we are to believe the well-known ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s, we are storing our ice cream completely wrong.

Of course, it seems logical to store your jar of ice cream with the lid up. You just keep a jar upright, right? Well, that turns out not to be the case for ice cream.

Freezer burn

Ben & Jerry’s shared the tip and immediately indicated why it is better to keep your jar of ice cream upside down in the freezer. That way you prevent annoying ones freezer burn, the ice crystals that often form on top of your ice once you open the jar. These crystals are created by the moisture in the ice, which in combination with the ambient air and the freezing temperatures converts into water crystals. Not only are they annoying to eat, but they can also affect the quality of your ice cream. Around the freezer burn According to the ice cream brand, it is sufficient to store your jar upside down. The excess moisture will flow into the lid and will have less chance of leaving crystals on your ice. Handy fact during these overheated days!

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