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Levski beat with 2: 1 relegated to the Second League Vitosha Bistritsa on the auxiliary field of “Georgi Asparuhov”. The goals for the “blues” were scored by 16-year-old Marin Petkov (22) and Nigel Roberta (50) from a foul. Alex Terziiski scored for the guests in the 85th minute.

The match started with pressure from the “blues”, who failed to take the lead in the 12th minute. A nice pass from Zdravko Dimitrov was well controlled by Roberta, who advanced in the penalty area and returned to the attacking Martin Petkov, but the youngster from two meters did not hit the door.

3 minutes later Marin Petkov sent a long pass to Martin Petkov on the right flank, who without delay centered, but Robert’s header went out. Paulinho tried a shot from distance in the 20th minute, but the ball went past the door.

A long attack of the “blues” in the 22nd minute hindered the team from Bistrita and in the end the ball reached the forgotten in the penalty area Marin Petkov, who masterfully directed it into the net for 1: 0. Levski’s teenager will turn 17 in October.

Vitosha reached its first position in the 27th minute, when Hristo Ivanov was left uncovered in the penalty area, but his weak shot did not hinder Niki Mihailov.

The second half began with an attack of the guests on the right wing, which ended with a harmless centering right in the hands of a guard of Levski.

In the 49th minute Cargas fell on the grass, but the referee gave a lead and followed a quick counterattack, in which Paulinho was knocked down in the middle of Vitosha, but the ball went to Roberta, who was brutally cut in front of the penalty area and finally sounded the whistle of Georgi Nikolov for a foul. Behind the ball stood Nigel Roberta and with a reinforcement in the style of “Cristiano Ronaldo” sent the ball inexorably in the upper left corner of the door of Bistrita in the 50th minute.

After the second goal, the two coaches started with the substitutions and that broke the game. Wrong passes became more frequent, and positions in front of the doors were almost non-existent. Half an hour before the end, the guard Ivan Andonov made an unofficial debut for Levski, and before leaving the field Mihailov put the captain’s armband on Starokin’s hand.

In the 80th minute Levski Galchev’s reserve fought for the ball, advanced and made a long shot, which went past the door of Diyan Valkov. This activated the hosts and several good descents on both wings followed, but the opponent’s defense managed to cross.

Five minutes before the end, the Blues underestimated an attack on Vitosha from the left, the ball was transferred to the right to Alex Terziiski, who was forgotten by Zdravko Dimitrov, who plays as a left back. The reserve of the guests was facilitated by the passive game of the guard Andonov and easily sent the ball into the door of Levski.

In the next minute, Nigel Roberta missed the match after hitting the crossbar from the goal area.


1: 0 Marin Petkov 22

Nigel Roberta 2: 0

2: 1 Alex Terziiski 85

LEVSKI: 13. Nikolai Mikhailov-captain, 6. Ivaylo Naidenov, 19. Ioannis Kargas, 66. Orlin Starokin, 11. Zdravko Dimitrov, 77. Iliya Yurukov, 88. Marin Petkov, 79. Martin Petkov, 7. Paulinho, 40. Stein Spearing , 17. Nigel Roberta

Coach Georgi Todorov

Reserves: 2. Ivan Andonov (B), 18. Nasiru Mohamed, 45. Iliya Dimitrov, 22. Patrick-Gabriel Galchev, 93. Atanas Kabov, 23. Ilian Yovchev, 21. Stoyanov, 71. Bogdan Kostov, 14. Daniel Nachev, 24 Dimitar Andonov

VITOSHA BISTRITSA: 12. Nikolay Krastev, 5. Ventsislav Bonev, 24. Georgi Alexandrov, 14. Chetin Sadula, 22. Bogomil Dyakov, 20. Yanko Sandanski, 11. Daniel Kutev, 18. Deyan Hristov, 88. Georgi Babaliev, 96. Hristo Ivanov, 17. Zdravko Panev

Coach Asen Bukarev

Reserves: 33. Diyan Valkov, 4. Kristian Uzunov, 8. Vasil Parvanov, 66. Alex Terziiski, 99. Alexey Georgiev, 23. Emil Gargorov, 16. Teodor Kostadinov, 6. Ivaylo Ivanov

Judge Georgi Nikolov

Yellow cards: Martin Petkov (L), Georgi Alexandrov (V)

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