Levski – Vitosha 1: 0, goal by Marin Petkov



Tournament: Controls Bulgaria
Stadium: Terrain №2, sports complex “Georgi Asparuhov”, Sofia
Audience: The match is played without spectators

43′ The half ended with a good combination between the youngsters Petkovi. Martin and Marin played the defense of Vitosha, with the first firing on the ground. Krastev was in place and caught with ease.
38′ Several good plays of the new addition of Levski – Orlin Starokin. The universal defender has demonstrated that he is in good playing form and will help his teammates properly for the new season.
28′ CHANCE FOR VITOSHA !! Parity could be restored in the 28th minute. Zdravko Panev punished a blunder in the positioning of Yannis Kargas and brought his teammate against the goalkeeper. However, Niki Mihailov demonstrated his class and created a good save.
22′ GOOOL FOR LEVSKI !! 1: 0 !! MARIN PETKOV !! The logical thing happened and Levski took the lead in the 22nd minute of this control. Paulinho centered sharply on the far post for Martin Petkov, who decided to return around the penalty for Robert. The Dutchman fell in the penalty area, but behind him was 16-year-old Marin Petkov. The youngster orients himself best in the created melee and closely realizes for 1: 0.
19′ A mid-range shot by Paulinho, which in no way hindered the guard of Vitosha.
14′ Another good attack for the “blues” took place on the right in the 14th. Marin Petkov found Martin Petkov accurately, who in turn centered sharply for Robert. The attacker played with his head, but did not find the Bistrita net.
12′ PASS! The first serious situation for the hosts was a fact in the 12th minute. Zdravko Dimitrov made a wonderful diagonal pass for Roberta. The Dutchman faked a guard on Vitosha and ran parallel to the goal line for Petkov. However, the player with №79 was pressed by Georgi Alexandrov and failed to direct to the empty goal.
3′ The beginning of the match presented some interesting castlings in the composition of the “blues”. Nikolay Mihailov, as the most experienced, had led his teammates with the captain’s armband. The new addition Orlin Starokin had taken a place in the center of the defense, and due to the injury of Ivan Goranov, Zdravko Dimitrov acted as a flank defender.

The teams of Levski and Vitosha (Bistritsa) face each other in a control match. The inspection will be conducted on training ground №2 of the sports complex “Georgi Asparuhov”.

Levski's time is running out, action is needed

Levski’s time is running out, action is needed

Nasko, Titi, bosses and fans – you are on the move!

A week before the start of the season, the Levski players have a limited number of players. A few days ago, the “blues” were left by Stanislav Kostov and Deyan Lozev, as well TOPSPORT already informed you, the goalkeeper Georgi Georgiev is leaving the grandmaster. The most convertible players of the centuries-old Nigel Roberta, Stein Spiers, Paulinho, Holmar Ejolfsson and Stanislav Ivanov are waiting for a transfer abroad.

Nasko Sirakov for the three steps that will give a breath of fresh air to Levski

Nasko Sirakov for the three steps that will give a breath of fresh air to Levski

The Blues take a few new ones next week

So far, Gerena has attracted only one new person in the person of Orlin Starokin. Atanas Kabov, Deyan Ivanov and Iliya Dimitrov returned to the team after a loan.

Unlike its rival, Vitosha makes a serious selection for its stay in the Second League. The experienced striker Deyan Hristov, the goalkeeper Diyan Valkov, as well as the winger Daniel Pehlivanov are already part of the team.

Vitosha continues with the selection for the Second League

Vitosha continues with the selection for the Second League

Daniel Pehlivanov joined the club

Asen Bukarev’s team played control with Levski a few months ago, when the “blues” won 3: 1.

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