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Good news for scientists involved in the development of the Kovid vaccine. The researchers found that the SARSCOV-2 virus, which causes covid, was less volatile.

Researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy have found that although six variants of the novel corona virus have been identified so far, the virus has not evolved significantly. If the virus is unstable and constantly mutated, vaccines developed against it may be ineffective.

The researchers mapped the spread of the virus across different continents and the genetic evolution that occurred with it. The virus that causes the common influenza is twice as mutable as SARSCOV-2.

The L variant of the virus was discovered in December 2019 in Wuhan. In 2020, the first genetic mutation occurred and the S variant appeared. V and G variants also began to appear in mid-January 2020. The G variant is the most prevalent to date. It was again genetically modified into GR and GH variants. G variants and GR and GH variants were found in 74% of the gene sequences currently analyzed. In addition to the six major variants, the scientific community has discovered some rare variants of Sarskov-2.

However, the fact that none of these have significantly altered the nature of the virus increases the likelihood that the vaccine will be effective. The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

English Summary: Coronavirus strains show little variability; hope for vaccine

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