Leipzig’s ride continues. We are growing extremely fast, as Nagelsmann


He bought a license from the SSV Markranstadt for the fifth competition and within an eleven years he flew admirably and the champion to the semifinals of the League.

A young and unseen dark on Thursday evening in Lisbon trained Atltico Madrid. Dani Olmo, 22, decided to play 2: 1 a bit symbolically and ride Tyler Adams, a year young American talent, a year young.

You may find that football Leipzig is an artificial club. A commercial product without history, which retains a strong sponsor. But you should not question his extremely effective work.

I’m probably the happiest coach in the world, Julian Nagelsmann, who is even young than Messi or Ronaldo.

Energick f is one of the uncle of unmarried Leipzig rides. He is only under a dozen times, and since the summer of Liel, when he was driving to Leipzig from Hoffenheim, the club has been able to move in again.

Nagelsmann fits perfectly into the philosophy of the club, which uses modern data scouting. Jakub Dobi, now the co-owner of the sponsor company 11Hacks, once said: Leipzig not only scouts data with the help of data, but has even adapted its game strategy to mathematical models.

That’s why since the 2016 season, when she advanced to the Bundesliga for the first time, she gradually occupied the second, sixth and two consecutive cities.

Although it is not a full star like the competitive Bayern or Dortmund, it works perfectly with young people, they always have ready-made options for dealing with possible departures, and there is no shortage on the market. In short: a perfectly functioning business model.

This club is growing extremely fast. Faster, not usual, ct even Nagelsmann. Where to stop?

In the current seasons, he longed for the German title for a long time, but after the autumn was released, the darkness in the spring was a bit low. That is why we have always been close to the culminating Champions League in Lisbon.

He managed the first step against Atltik, always a perfectly organized opponent, even without Tim Werner, a super shooter, who he sold in June as the most expensive German footballer to Chelsea.

In front of us stands Paris St. Germain with another young German coach, Thomas Tuchel. Nagelsmann knew this for a very long time, because for him as an analyst he once worked for the Augsburg reserve.

Both have been a long way since then.

But only one of them can reach the full peak in the current seasons.

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