Kyrios rejects US Open and bites Djokovic and Grigor: Sport is no more important than human lives


Nick Kyrios has officially announced that he will not participate in this year’s edition of the US Open. The talented Australian, who more often draws attention to himself with his behavior both on the court and on the Internet than with his purely sporting skills, uses the Internet as a platform … to announce his decision.

Kyrios, 25, has an unwavering stance on COVID-19, taking the pandemic very seriously and even calling the Open Championship organizers “selfish” because of their decision to organize the race in the troubled times we live in.

“Let’s take a breath and remember what is important – our health and safety as a society. We can always restore sports and the economy, but there is no way to bring back lost lives,” Kyrios explained in a video he shared on social media.

“I’m not going to play in the US Open. It hurts, but I’m doing it for the people. Because of my compatriots from Australia. Because of the hundreds of thousands of Americans who lost their lives. Because of all of you. I have no problem with the organizers or the players.” “Tennis players have to work together. They don’t dance at tables and go around Europe trying to make quick money through demonstration matches. It’s selfish. Think about other people,” said Kyrios, addressing Novak Djokovic and others indirectly. participants in his tournament, who were filmed partying at a club in Belgrade, including Grigor Dimitrov

The tournament in New York is scheduled to begin on August 31. In his career, the world №40 has never passed the third round during the race in the United States.

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