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Co.As Rona spreads, various campaigns for awareness are going viral. Corona began to bring new trends not only in the fashion and entertainment sector but also in the food sector. Following the recent news of the corona message going viral, another corona dish is in the news. This time it’s Kovid Curry and Mask Nan.

Vedic Multi Cuisine in Jodhpur has come up with a variety of dishes. They shared pictures of Kovid Curry and Mask Nan on their Twitter page. At first glance, the pictures show a gravy made in the form of a corona virus and a mask-shaped nan.

Hotel officials say this is to raise awareness about the Corona. The owners say they are proud to be the first in the world to invent such a unique concept.

Kovid Curry is made in the form of Malay Kofta Curry. The dairy khoya is given in the form of a corona. The usual butter nan was modified and made into a mask. Many people have tweeted appreciating the new Corona dish.

Content Highlights: Jodhpur restaurant’s special Covid Curry and Mask Naan

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