Kellnerová will ride in Prague with an expensive mare, she wants to go to the Olympics with her


Updates: 13.08.2020 16:55

Prague – Anna Kellnerová will sit on the mare Catch Me If You Can during the international show jumping competitions in Prague, which will take place in the Chuchle Arena next week. He wants to meet the requirements for participation in the Olympic Games, where the Czech team qualified.

The biggest races have been waiting for Kellner since last May, when she broke her femur just when she fell from this mare. Due to that, at the end of the year she lost the climax of the Global Champions series in Prague. At the beginning of this year, she completed the first competition with a mare for which her father paid a quarter of a billion crowns. Then their program was disrupted by disruption of the race due to coronavirus.

After a forced break, however, they jumped together several times again, and for Prague, “Catchie” was a clear choice for Kellner. “She was the most prepared, she was in the best condition and we got used to the biggest races the best,” she said in an interview for

The race will take place in Prague from Thursday the 20th to Sunday the 23rd of August. Kellner and other riders will have a chance to meet the Olympic requirements for themselves and their horses in Friday’s Nations Cup and Sunday’s Grand Prix. “I’ll focus on the Nations Cup first, because that’s the first chance. And I hope we can do it there already. I’ll only have Catchie in these races, so then she could be a little tired on Sunday,” said Kellner, who said. represents the Prague Lions team in the Global Champions series.

She is looking forward to the opportunity to race in front of the domestic audience as a member of the Czech national team, but at the same time she perceives responsibility. “The pressure will definitely be great. It’s the Nations Cup and you want to support the Czech riders around you, not to disappoint them. At the same time, it will be an Olympic qualification, so it will be another pressure to try for the greatest possible result. prepare not to succumb to the pressure, “she mused.

Between races, she still has to pay close attention to the leg she seriously injured last year. “It costs me a lot of energy and strength. In addition to riding, I have to exercise several times a week. I have to go to different relaxation methods, because my muscles contract and it hurts a lot. I dedicate myself to regeneration and everything possible, so it works well, “Kellnerová described, adding that her leg no longer limits her at parkour.

International competitions in jumping competitions (CSIO) are returning to Prague after twelve years. The last time the competition took place was in 2008 in the equestrian complex on Císařský ostrov. The event is organized by the same team that usually prepares the Global Champions Prague PlayOffs at Prague’s O2 Arena. This, like the rest of the series, will not happen this year due to coronavirus.

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