Junior High School in Brebes Holds “Secretly” Face-to-face Teaching and Learning to Help Poor Students


BREBES, KOMPAS.com – SMPN 2 Jatibarang in Brebes Regency, Central Java enters its third week of face-to-face learning activities (KBM) at schools, Tuesday (11/8/2020).

Even though they did not have the Education Office’s permission, the school argued that the policy agreed upon with parents and the school committee was to help underprivileged students at the start of online learning amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Principal of SMPN 2 Jatibarang Idi Fitriyadi said each student out of 960 students goes to school three times a week.

In a day divided by three shift, starting at 07.00 WIB with two hours of study each.

“Then one student departs only three times a week. So some leave every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Some leave Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday,” said Idi, when contacted. Kompas.com, Tuesday (11/8/2020).

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Idi admitted that until now he had not received a warning from either the Education and Culture Office or the Covid-19 Handling Task Force for not issuing face-to-face teaching and learning recommendations for all schools in Brebes.

“There has been no reprimand. Only the task force from the Health Office visited. Led by the Head of the District, dr. Sartono, the team monitored learning from morning until students returned home,” said Idi.

Idi said, initially since the new school year was implemented on July 13, 2020, distance learning (PJJ) was implemented with the online system.

“However, the results of the evaluation from the homeroom teacher showed that many students did not have one handphone because of the incompetence of parents, “said Idi.

Almost all parents or other guardians of the students then urged the school to return to implementing face-to-face teaching and learning. Many other reasons were also given.

In addition, there are those who can not afford to buy mobile phones and quotas, also because children find it difficult to diligently follow PJJ online from home.

“Parents have complained about their objection. Many also don’t want to study at home,” he continued.

After holding a meeting with the parents or guardians of the students, it was finally agreed that face-to-face teaching and learning by implementing strict health protocols.

“So all based on the pressure of the parents. So after there was approval on the stamp, we ventured to hold face-to-face teaching and learning activities at schools after preparing health protocols,” said Idi.

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