Jakarta Health Office: 600 Covid-19 Patients in Jakarta Have a History of Diabetes


Suara.com – Diabetes is a comorbid or comorbid disease which can worsen the condition of Covid-19 patients.

On the other hand, DKI Jakarta is one of the provinces with the highest prevalence of Covid-19 patients and people with diabetes.

The DKI Jakarta Health Service notes that before the Covid-19 pandemic, people with diabetes in the capital reached 260 thousand people or 3.4 percent of the total in Indonesia.

“Jakarta has a prevalence of 3.4 percent. So outside of Covid’s condition in Jakarta there are 260,000 people with diabetes. Currently, there is already in our system, which means we have checked and then we recall and have information about them as many as 160 thousand,” said Head of DKI Jakarta Health Office Prevention and Control Division Dwi Oktavia through a webinar, Wednesday (5/8/2020).

He explained, from the number of Covid-19 cases in Jakarta totaling 22 thousand people, the DKI Jakarta Health Office recorded the possibility of around 500 to 600 patients also having a history of diabetes.

Dwi said that the condition of the comorbid needs to be watched out because the health risk to be severe would be higher than people who were not sick with diabetes.

“So how do those who have diabetes do not get covid. If they get covid, they can be detected immediately and get treatment quickly. Don’t get complications either because of covid or diabetes,” he said.

Even so, there has been no scientific proof that diabetic patients will be more easily infected with the new type of corona virus.

Endocrine specialist Dr. Roy Panusunan Sibarani Sp.PD explained that there has been no research whether Covid-19 can attack the pancreas which is in charge of producing insulin.

Because insulin is what works to keep blood sugar levels in the body normal.

“But what we know is that he is infected with diabetes and is fatal. Because sugar has already damaged his body. People with diabetes have low immunity. The mortality rate is high,” he said.

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