indian expatriates in kuwait: kuwait ready to lay off 50% of expatriate contract workers working in the public sector – kuwaiti government ministries public sector begins reducing number of expatriate workers


Riyadh Kuwait is reportedly planning to dismiss expatriates working on a contract basis in various government agencies.Also Read : On the one hand, war and famine; The Flood, on the other hand, is the news of the poorest Arab country

The Kuwaiti media outlet Al Rai reported such a news. The ministry is reportedly preparing to lay off 50 per cent of foreign workers. According to local media reports, a notice has been issued for this. However, those working in the technical sector are being phased out.

Most of the various foreigners who had earlier worked under various ministries were dismissed. Preparations are now underway to dismiss those involved in government subcontractors. There are indications that the process will start in three months.

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According to Gulf media reports, the decision was made as part of Kuwait’s nationalization. Under the scheme, which started in 2018, expatriates were dismissed from the public sector. Khalil al-Salih MP, chairman of the Kuwait Human Resource Development Committee, said the order was issued in response to the dismissal. The government intends to achieve 100 per cent indigenization in the public sector.

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