(india coronavirus): 56,282 deaths in 24 hours, 904 deaths; 19.64 lakh patients in the country; The death toll is rising


In the last 24 hours, 56,282 people in the country have been diagnosed with the corona virus. Another 904 died. For the eighth day in a row, the number of Kovid cases has crossed half a lakh. With this, the number of Kovid cases in India has increased to 19.64 lakh. Of these, 13.28 lakh people were cured. Currently, 5.95 lakh people are undergoing treatment. A total of 40,699 people died of Kovid infection. In Maharashtra, 334 people died yesterday alone. 112 died in Tamil Nadu and 100 in Karnataka. In the country, 6.64 lakh people were tested last day. ICMR has so far conducted 2.21 crore tests.

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