Incas Chartered Flight Service for Expatriates Wanting to Return to Qatar | Qatar


Doha ഇൻ Incas Qatar operates chartered flights for expatriates wishing to return to Qatar from Kerala. Those wishing to return can register.

Holders of the Home Ministry’s Professional Re-entry Permit can register their travel information at the Incas Google link at Returnees must comply with the quarantine conditions prescribed by the Government of Qatar.

Incas Qatar said in a statement that it would inform applicants about travel dates and ticket prices in a timely manner. Chartered flights will be started only after obtaining the permission of the concerned Governments. For more information: Siraj Palur (+974 5594 1189), Kareem Nadakkal (+974 6641 5368), Keshavadas (+974 66 777 825).

English Summary: Incas chartered flight service for keralites wishing to go back to qatar

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