‘In case of heat, hand out fines for swimming pool in the garden or washing car’


With this warm weather, setting up a bath is of course very attractive, but it may well be expensive in the long run. The central government wants to have more options to limit the use of drinking water by households and businesses in emergencies. That writes The Limburger.


The RIVM advises to hand out warnings and even fines. That could mean that you will then be fined if you fill your private swimming pool during a heat wave. Washing your car or watering your garden can also cost a few cents.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is in the process of drawing up rules that will make it easier for the government to impose restrictions on households and businesses in the event of an imminent drinking water shortage. According to a spokeswoman for the ministry, the advice on the fines that the RIVM gave is not adopted.

Cheerful family in a pool in the garden

Water not to drag

Now that it is so hot, drinking water companies can sometimes barely meet the demand for water. That is why Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML) recently made an urgent appeal to do something more economical with drinking water. On Saturday and Sunday, the demand for drinking water in Limburg increased by 33 and 34 percent. These are averages: in general more water is used in villages than in cities. Experts think that due to the tropical heat in the summer of recent years, peaks in water use will persist.

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RIVM: ‘In case of heat, hand out fines for swimming pool in the garden or washing car’

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