In a student with a coronavirus, only the affected class will be quarantined


If the student’s coronavirus test is positive, only the affected class will be quarantined, not the whole school. This was said in the morning block of BNT by the chairman of the Association of Directors in Bulgaria Asen Alexandrov.

“We will try not to let all classes meet, not to communicate with each other. So if there is a case of a positive test in a class, only this class should be isolated, only it should be quarantined. The whole school should not be closed, the whole alumni or the whole floor “, said Alexandrov. Most likely the class will be quarantined for one or two weeks.

At this stage, the institutions do not give up their main scenario – the school year to start in person, in a real school environment, and each school to have developed an action plan to switch to distance learning if necessary. “School by school, settlement by settlement will be decided”, said Alexandrov.

There will be an opening of the school year, but there will be no big celebrations

Wearing masks in class will also be at the individual discretion of each principal.

“But everyone in the hallway should be wearing masks – indoors outside the classroom – everyone, both students and teachers, should be wearing masks,” added the chairman of the Association of Directors in Bulgaria.

It is possible to have a different start time of classes and different breaks for different classes so that there is no detection between students.

In addition to the famous 3 “D’s” – disinfection, distance and discipline, the directors will have to add one O – “separation”.

There are still some questions that have not been answered yet. First for the parents’ leave in case the child has to stay at home.

“Parents have already exhausted all paid, unpaid leave, grandmothers, relatives. All the balances have already been made and from now on they are in a complete impasse – what should they do if their child has to stay at home”, said the chairman of the Parents Association Tsveta Brestnichka.

And second, who will take the tests that both students and their parents may have to take.

“At the moment, parents have to pay for these tests, but in a situation where the family is forced to take tests, many families simply cannot afford it. And this will probably be repeated.” said Brestnichka.

The responsible ministries have another month to resolve these issues.

Currently, a working group of experts from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Health and other institutions are discussing uniform rules for all educational institutions for training during an epidemiological situation – this is the health protocol that will be mandatory for all.

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