I had a period in my personal life. Te Kudjov came out again, the games started


In the fourth race of the Olympic qualification, Kateina Kudjov was good old again in the finals. Sovereign performance, clear victory, lack of points low in the qualification standings. She won an Olympic ticket to Tokyo, unlike canoeists, she doesn’t have to wait, and she will only compete in the European Championships in Prague, which will be the last race.

As if those years hadn’t passed, eh? Opt from the esk olympic qualification you advance to the games in the kayak categories you and Ji Prskavec.
Well, just change it around us. But I’m a party. I didn’t know much that the nomination would be done in Troja, I thought we were going to go to Europe. But it worked out – even under it. It’s great that it’s done.

After Prskavec, the Kudjov kayak also secured the start for the Olympics

During those years from Rio to Tokyo, you did not sail on the medals of the waves as in the sparring partner Sparkler. Njak as you were looking for.
I had a bit of mountains for years, a lot of things happened in my personal life, it was also difficult for my head. Every time I calmed down, there would be time, something bad happened again. That’s why I started going to sports psychology. I got back together somehow. We also changed the approach to the thorns a bit and it paid off for me.

Which moments were in the inter-Olympic period for vs nejt 잚?
When did my grandmother make it, and probably after Tom’s sake did Tom know? (engaged) dda and then his grandmother. I took it a lot. The second year after Rio, I also found out that there were carcinogenic beeches and I had to have surgery. At that time, I also had very poor sports results. I wished that when such events happened in my life, it could be spinning in someone else, but I couldn’t even get on the water. I was fully committed.

Are you in health with a horseshoe?
Yes. I found out that there were a lot of other girls for a similar operation, there were some problems.

You talked about changes in the preparations. What did you do with Jim Prskavec starm?
We focused a lot on physics. Last year after the illness I had big problems. I don’t feel that way.

You could even go to the game for a day or two, but Saturday’s finale didn’t work out. How did I sleep on Sunday then?
I was very sorry that I didn’t make it on Saturday. At night on Sunday, I hardly slept, because someone who rolled under the windows and under it could not sleep. I woke up in an hour and a half, not usually, and I wasn’t full of light, I felt tired. On the other hand, such a condition helped me in that I was nervous and I heard a lot.

Even in the past, you have been able to achieve good results from some predatory discomfort.
It is true. When I’m fine, I’ll probably focus on vc vc, I shouldn’t, and I won’t blame myself for darkness when I hear. That’s why this time I didn’t take it as an advantage, even though I was very tired.

Then how did you feel in the finale of driving? You immediately turned to the scoreboard to make sure.
But when I see it on the board, I always go for a while, because it’s not 100 percent there either.

26. July 2020 at 21:42, pspvek archivovn: 3. august 2020 at 8:15

And when did you definitely find out you rode the Olympics?
Everything fell from me. But I don’t even get it full. It will take me a while to go. It’s asn.

Under normal circumstances, you could read: I’m clear about what I’m going to put in the coming year and in the games, when I’m going to camp and when I’m going to the pedolympic camp in Tokyo. Only in coronavirus times is it different, eh?
I would also like to know how it will be with the preparation and where we will actually get. Let’s see.

a sure head of growing cucumbers, to krl peej and mind the gold of Tokyo

You tried out the Olympic track at the first pedolympic camp in Poland. How did she fare? Her Sparkler and gave the worlds kayaks, stand on her.
It’s really bad. It’s all about water (tee unpredictable). I hope you do something, even if you know that you probably don’t.

Also join the petition of a seducer for a track that will now be sent to the organizer?
That’s right. It started to form at last year, when we were in Tokyo at a concentration camp. But I think what they wrote there was fully stolen from them.

After the previous games in Rio, you got engaged and in front of the next ones …
… I should have a wedding with Tom, yes. we’ve been waiting for this year. We were just worried if the peloen of the European Championship in Prague would fall on them. It ended up sweating a week, but I wished that if the Olympic qualifiers came to Europe, it would be stupid. We also finally moved the wedding to June 2nd.

14. nora 2020 at 10:53, pspvek archivovn: 3. august 2020 at 8:16

So in Tokyo, are you sailing into a seduction with a new name?
Just keep going, I’m not sure how to change it. I don’t want to give up the current one, but I definitely want to marry Tom. I will probably be Minakov Kudjov.

And will you have a degree at the University of Economics and Management at that time?
Doufm. I did not make a defense last year. I don’t know if it was just because I caught a bad commission. I had the second attempt before two months ago, but I did not want to include him among the original thermal Olympic qualifiers. I told you that I would not wait, also mm termn at the end of June.

Do you take Tokyo like you gave anci? You started in Rio as the current world champion from 2015 and in the Olympic finals you have long sought a medal. And his beast didn’t come out at all.
I remember that for a long time. Dal seductions were also for mt 잚. Psychologist Veronika Balková and I talked about it a lot. J didn’t care much about these psychics, but an Olympian, table tennis player Iveta Vacenovsk, recommended me a psychologist, so I tried it, I went for a positive surprise.

So what kind of flights to Tokyo to fly with?
I don’t want to be back in Rio, Rio. I don’t think what it was. Sp on what I will show in Tokyo. I am glad that I returned to my everyday rides, calm, nice and smooth. Mj cl is therefore presented in all races, not only Olympics.

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