I am ashamed that there are politicians calling for protests in the severe epidemic


“As long as we don’t have a real vaccine, the situation will not get better.” Academician Bogdan Petrunov commented on the air of Nova TV.

“There are officially 10 vaccines in stage two, and two of them are even in stage 3 of the trial, which is a great success. The Americans are the most advanced. On July 27, the third phase of the test began “, explained Academician Petrunov.

According to him, this vaccine will be given to 30,000 people, and then the data will be analyzed. The term for conducting this study is 2 years.

“The only thing we have at the moment is wearing masks, high hygiene, avoiding close contacts. There is no medicine, no vaccine, there will be none soon, “said the immunologist.

He strongly recommended the flu vaccine. No more than 1% of those infected receive antibodies.

“I am ashamed that there are politicians who are inviting people to protest in this difficult situation of the COVID epidemic. This movement of hundreds of people is an ideal environment for the spread of infection. We were relatively well until the beginning of June, now we rank in one of the worst places in Europe in terms of the number of infected and dead, “said the immunologist.

“As a doctor, what they do is absolutely unacceptable to me. We gather hundreds of thousands of people on the street without precautions. Bulgaria, Romania and Sweden have been fighting for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Europe for the last 15 days in terms of the highest number of patients per 100,000 infected.

We are in a very serious situation. Our colleagues, who stay in hospitals for 10-12-24 hours, no longer have the strength. Already 8% of the dead are doctors. We will be left without doctors soon “, warned academician Petrunov.
“Everyone has the right to protest, but in the conditions we are in now, this must be done in a very organized and cultural way,” he added. And he called on the protesters to at least wear masks.

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