Hundreds of people gathered for the announced dance party in the Louny region, the locals complain about the noise


    The event on private land started on Friday, so far around 600 people have gathered for it.  They are coming and going again, according to the police, there are currently around 250 cars on the spot, no problems have been reported.

The party takes place at the quarry in the direction of Valov. “People are quite upset, but what can we do. It was announced as a birthday party on private land, but as far as we know, they collect large entrance fees there, I’m curious if they will pay the entrance fee,” said Kryr Mayor Miroslav Brda (STAN).

The inhabitants of the city are mainly bothered by the noise of dance music and the mayor is also afraid of the mess. “I wonder if it will clean up after itself,” the mayor added.

According to the spokeswoman of the North Bohemian police, Jana Slámová, the participants in the party so far respect the instructions of the police and do not occupy land that they do not rent.

“We have dealt with about ten offenses, the most unauthorized possession of addictive substances in small quantities for our own use, and we have received seven complaints about disturbing the rest of the night and the behavior of participants,” a police spokeswoman added.

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