How the fear of a pandemic triggered the demand for private bunkers in the United States


Purchases of private bunkers in the United States have increased by 600% since the beginning of the pandemic, The New York Post reported. Concerns about coronavirus infection have led many people to Vivos xPoint in South Dakota, developed by Vivos Group, which has claimed to be “the largest survival community on Earth,” according to the publication.

Prior to the coronavirus, xPoint bunkers were sold for $ 25,000 for a space of just over 200 square meters. long-term leases.

Of course, since the beginning of the pandemic, the price of habitable bunkers has risen by almost 50% and they are already trading for 35 thousand dollars per “apartment”.

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Prices range from about $ 500,000 to $ 2.4 million and include facilities such as an indoor pool, gym and even a climbing wall.

The xPoint bunkers were built by the military during World War II, when they were used to store ammunition. Today, the complex, bought by Vivos, covers an area of ​​over 30 square kilometers, which is about 75% of the size of Manhattan, and their homes are connected to almost 200 km. from private underground roads.

The total number of bunkers in this complex is 574, and their capacity is 10 thousand people, ie. xPoint can really become a small underground and well-protected city. However, the high level of protection is almost the only thing that the company provides. The complex itself, of course, was built to withstand bombing, and the bunkers were closed with armored steel doors. In addition, residents receive electricity produced by an internal generator and water supply. Everything else still has to come from the outside world.

However, in the last few months, demand has skyrocketed. And although Vivos still has 500 unsold bunkers, the company says it has a new sales contract for one every day.

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Why do the rich hide Bitcoin for $ 10 billion in underground bunkers?

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Even without the crisis, the purchase or construction of private bunkers is not new in the United States. The first wave of their preparation began in the 50s and 60s, when in the midst of the Cold War, people expected that every day the world was on the verge of an atomic apocalypse. At that time, about 200,000 Americans prepared their own bunkers.

To date, their number has grown to almost 4 million people, who have prepared to varying degrees for survival in case of extreme situations. This turns the private bunker industry into a billion-dollar industry.

But according to cultural geographer Bradley Garrett, in the current situation, that number has huge potential for growth. “I expect 25% of the population to prepare to one degree or another for autonomous survival by the end of the year,” he said.

His view is confirmed by some data. For example, a government survey in February found that 19 percent of Americans believe a global pandemic or climate change will lead to an apocalypse, and 17 percent still expect humanity to be destroyed in a nuclear war.

To meet the increased demand, many companies have appeared in the United States over the years, selling or renting private bunkers. These include Hardened Structures in Virginia Beach, Vancouver, Northeast Bunkers in Maine, Atlas Survival Shelters in Texas and others.

Panic from the coronavirus launched a demand for Russian private bunkers

Panic from the coronavirus launched a demand for Russian private bunkers

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However, this trend is not limited to the United States. In the spring, it became clear that residents of Europe and Asia are also preparing for protection with luxury bunkers manufactured by Russia’s Modern House and inspired by Tesla’s Cybertrunk pickup, which the manufacturer claims can protect its occupants from any external threats. from a pandemic to a zombie apocalypse and nuclear war.

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