Hell of a pop-folk! They crushed Sophie Marinova’s Gringo PHOTO


You get gringo when you order Vanko 1 from a Chinese site! Thus, the fans of the light genre commented on the new image of Sophie Marinova’s favorite man. Gringo has decided to break into the rap scene and has already released his first song with an arenbi sound, which turned out to be a wrong move. Like Vanko and Gringo, he spent some time in prison. Sofka’s husband was behind bars for racketeering.

While established as rappers names like Crisco, stubbornly draping to the chalga rhythms, the half of the Roma pearl Sofka decided to run away from them. Gringo’s song “My Girl” is a duet with a young singer named Sandra. The video shows expensive cars and beautiful women. Gringo plays a bad gangster babayit, typically American.

However, the attempt was unsuccessful, the fans believe and advised him to give up, Bulgaria Today wrote. For years Marinova has been doing everything in her power to make her husband a star, but she is still hitting a rock.

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