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Muscat : Oman releases Kovid test rates on private healthcare institutions. Private healthcare institutes conduct three types of Kovid tests, ranging from 15 Omani Rials to 50 Rials. The most expensive is the 45-minute POC-PCR test.

The rate is 50 Omani Rials, including 5 Omani Rials for sample collection and 45 Omani Rials for testing. Test results will be available within 24 hours.

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The rate for the RT-PCR test, including sample collection, is thirty-five Omani Rials and the time required for testing is 120 minutes. The virus is detected by manually examining samples taken from the nose.

The third is a serological examination in which a blood sample is collected. The rate is 15 Omani Rials including sample collection. . This requires 60 minutes of testing time to determine if Kovid is affected. Test results will be available within two hours.

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