GGD’s disappointed after an increase in infections: ‘Mopping with a tap open’


“An increasing number of people are not cooperating well with the source and contact research, fortunately the majority do not,” a spokesman for the GGD told RTL Nieuws. “A line has been put in and that is not going in the right direction. That is why we want to warn now. What are we all doing now? Only together can we get the virus under it.”

Number of infections increased

The number of corona cases has risen rapidly in recent weeks. In early July, more than 400 new corona cases were reported in a week, last week there were almost 2600. The largest sources of fire are the four major cities and the regions of Central and West Brabant (Breda, Tilburg and environs) and Hollands Midden (region Lead). The increase is due to ‘risky behavior’, says GGD GHOR Nederland. This mainly concerns people under the age of forty.

According to the GGD spokesperson, there is no panic, “but we are on our way.” “We have not yet walked on the proverbial iceberg, but we will see it. If we continue like this, it is difficult to find the way back.”

“At home a party with 20 people in the living room where you hug each other and do not keep 1.5 meters away, that is simply not possible. But it seems that some people think that it can be done again.”

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