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Jaipur ുമ്പോൾ Ordinary people in Rajasthan will say that Ashok Gellot is a magician when the reins start moving on the political chessboard. Born the son of a magician, he has always been a friend of seemingly incredible successes. Even when he became the Chief Minister of the state three times, he left this surprise to political observers.

Like the proverb that came like a tiger and went like a rat, this time things end and the magic hat of astonishing victory is still on Gellot’s head. Faced with the challenge posed by Sachin Pilot, he removed Tendulkar from the post of Deputy Chief Minister and PCC President. Tendulkar is not expected to get both back soon.

He stopped most of the MLAs and invited those who went with Tendulkar to his side. But it is known that Tendulkar has secured the assurance from the central leadership that a change of government will take place before the 2023 elections and that he will have a chance to contest the elections as Chief Minister. Tendulkar’s supporters have been assured of adequate representation in ministries, the party and its allies.

Despite all this, one thing is for sure, the clash between Gellot and Tendulkar is not over. After the Assembly elections, Tendulkar and Gellot were mentally distanced from each other, despite the controversy over the post of Chief Minister. Tendulkar, the former PCC president, was well aware that Gellot was challenging his CM ambitions. Disagreements after coming to power sharpened during the Lok Sabha elections. After that, the two grew to the point where they could not even talk.

The fighting escalated as the central leadership did not intervene from time to time or try to find a solution. When Tendulkar’s goal was reduced to the downfall of Gellot, Gellot, the mystery of politics, stepped on the field a cubit earlier. With the BJP fielding an additional candidate in the Rajya Sabha elections, the first announcement that a section of the Congress would defect came from the Chief Minister himself.

It can be said that Tendulkar is stuck in this trap. Tendulkar had publicly complained that those who opposed the Chief Minister were intent on joining the BJP, but no one was heard. Following this, a section of the BJP, which was trying to overthrow Vasundhara Raje and seize the helm of the party, had high hopes. With this, the power struggle within the Congress was on the verge of erupting.

But Gellot, who was ousted, had already secured the support of the MLAs. It was the courts that slammed Tendulkar, where Gellot calculated that everything was going as planned. Despite criticism of the courts’ stance on the defection law, it was Tendulkar’s opportunity to stay afloat and prolong the war that allowed the party central leadership to intervene.

Though Sachin Pilot and the rebel MLAs are back, the problems in the state Congress should not be considered over. Gellot shared with his close friends that he was worried that things would end now that his interests were not taken into account. Given how clear the BJP’s interest in him is, it is unlikely that Tendulkar will attempt another coup.

Gellot has already raised the question of why the rebels went under what circumstances and what promises were made. Tendulkar reacted sharply to the Chief Minister’s call that he was irrelevant, even though he said he had no personal grudge against Gellot. State politics is looking at what Gellot’s next move will be as he sees rivals as rivals forever.

Vasundhara again ‘Raja’

When Ashok Gellot defeated his rival Sachin Pilot in the Congress battle, perhaps someone else was happier than he was. Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. She made it clear to the central leadership and her opponents in the state that nothing would happen in Rajasthan without her support in the party.

Vasundhara’s stance was partly responsible for the successful horse-trading and coup d’etat in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and other states. The BJP has started its campaign by ousting the former chief minister and fielding Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Raje’s continued silence in the days following the crisis in the government took on great dimensions.

The NDA had accused Raje of urging dissident MLAs to support the Gellot government, but the allegation of Hanuman Beniwal MP, who opposes them, was raised until the party central leadership was aware of it. Meanwhile, she arrived in Delhi in protest after the BJP reorganized its state committee and infiltrated its rivals in the committee.

With this, the BJP leadership had to withdraw to the point where there was no need to think of a change of government in Rajasthan immediately. Tendulkar, who had been hoping for support from the BJP, also felt that the move was a setback. Raje is also the one who shines with him or more when Gellot wins. The current events and the reaffirmation are the same and the politics of Rajasthan is currently under the control of both of them.

Raje broke up and adjourned the assembly meeting

After Vasundhara Raje’s ouster, the BJP postponed the assembly meeting. It has been announced that the assembly party meeting which was scheduled to convene on Tuesday will now convene on Thursday at 11 am. Vasundhara Raje’s tough stance in Delhi to protest the stabbing of her opponents in the party state committee was the reason for postponing the meeting.

It is learned that during a meeting with National President JP Naidu on Tuesday, she had made it clear that she and the majority of MLAs would not be able to attend the meeting. The official reason given was the restrictions imposed by the Kovid and so on. However, the meeting was adjourned as the state BJP has taken a firm stand that appointments made without its knowledge cannot be accepted.

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