Gather family members; BCCI issues security standards for IPL IPL 2020 | Covid-19


New Delhi: The BCCI has released the safety standards to be followed by IPL franchises in the wake of the Kovid-19 outbreak. The BCCI has handed over a 16-page list of guidelines to IPL franchises.
The BCCI has allowed family members of players and support staff to enter the biosure area as part of the tournament. The BCCI has issued guidelines for players, support staff and their families to follow before leaving for the UAE and ending the tournament.
Players and support staff must undergo five Kovid-19 PCR screenings before entering the biosure area.
Their family members are not allowed to travel with the team from the hotel to the stadium and back on match days.
Eight franchisees must stay in eight different hotels. Social distance should be maintained in the dressing room and so on.
Kovid-19 testing should be done every five days by everyone associated with the team.
Action will be taken against those who violate the norms in the field of biosecurity under the IPL Code of Conduct.
No one associated with the team is allowed to interact with anyone outside the biosecurity area.

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