From two chairs – on the ground! Ignatova and Anita would be a jerk to Rachk …


From two chairs on the ground, the actor Dimitar Rachkov found himself in love.

The comedian hung up his nose as the blondes ran around him. His new boyfriend Anita Dimitrova and his ex Maria Ignatova left him unattended, ambitious to make a television career.

Just six months after she officially became the boyfriend of the host of “Like Two Drops of Water”, the platinum blonde sex bomb Anita is already preparing to dump her lover. The participant in the “Miss Playmate 2017” contest enters the new season of “The Farm”, which starts in early September and will try to stay until the final, Blitz writes.

If the ambitious blonde from Haskovo manages to endure rural life, she and Rachkov will be separated for more than three months.

Meanwhile, Maria Ignatova also launched out of the comedian’s orbit, through which she gravitated for years. From this fall, the beautiful blonde will lead “Paparazzi” after she managed to dethrone Veneta Raykova. In addition to taking the “scalp” of the minion from Popovo, Maria gained another conquest. Recently, she demonstrated intimate intimacy with the so-called intellectual Ivaylo Noisy Tsvetkov.

Although she transferred from Nova to bTV and replaced Halvadjian with the producers of “Paparazzi” Ivan and Andrei, the charming Maria maintained good relations with the Armenian clan. However, Rachkov, who also slipped into flirting with the competition, could anger Maggie Halvadjian. He is currently starring in the musical comedy The Naked Truth about the band Zhiguli, broadcast by bTV Studios, although until recently he worked with the long-haired Armenian and was the face of Nova.

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