Fourth victim of tourists washed away on Goa Cemara Beach found, one last victim is still being sought


Report from Tribun Jogja Reporter, Maruti Asmaul Husna

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, BANTUL – The fourth of the five victims who were washed away on Goa Cemara Beach was found by the Joint SAR Team, Saturday (8/8/2020) afternoon.

Head of the Yogyakarta Search and Relief Office (Basarnas), L Wahyu Efendi, explained that the victim was found at 11.15 WIB at the Indocor Beach location, about two kilometers west of the scene on Goa Cemara Beach.

Wahyu explained the chronology of the discovery of the victim, at 09.15 WIB a search was carried out with SRU VI carrying out a land sweep from Goa Cemara Beach to Pantai Baru.

At 11.15 WIB, SRU VI received information from the anglers that there were victims around Indocor Beach.

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Furthermore, the victim was evacuated to the SAR operation post, then evacuated using an ambulance to Bhayangkara Hospital for the identification process by DVI Polda DIY

“The identities of the victims who were found are still waiting for the release of the DVI Polda DIY. With the discovery of 4 victims, so the number of victims who have not been found is only 1 person,” said Wahyu.

Until now, the joint SAR operation to search for victims of sea laka in Goa Cemara Beach which occurred Thursday (6/8/2020) is still continuing.

The atmosphere of the evacuation of victims at the Combined SAR Operations Command Post, Goa Cemara Beach, Saturday (8/8/2020). (Tribun Jogja / Maruti A Husna)

Three victims found today

The joint SAR team had previously found two other victims on Saturday (8/8/2020) this morning.

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