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Kasaragod: Police say Albin was involved in a brutal murder of his younger sister by seizing property and living a life of luxury with his girlfriend. Kasargod: Balal had made a whole plan to wipe out the family by adding poison to the ice cream at Balal Arinkal and the investigating officer could not find any involvement of his girlfriend.
Albin is investigating whether he even discussed the plot to assassinate his close friends. Police say this possibility cannot be ruled out now. The accused will be taken into custody later and more evidence will be collected.
The accused was produced before the Kasargod Judicial First Class Magistrate’s Court yesterday and remanded after pleading guilty. Albin was taken to his home in Arinkall yesterday morning and police took evidence. The move was aimed at preventing mob violence.
During the testimony, the accused described how he mixed the poison in the ice cream and destroyed the remaining poison. Containers containing the poison were taken into custody. Annemarie Maria, daughter of Olickal Benny of Balal Aringal, died on the 5th of this month. The other day, it was discovered that he had killed his brother Albin by adding rat poison to his ice cream.
Three people, including their parents, were given rat poison in ice cream. Everyone ate homemade ice cream except Albin for the last 31 days. Benny and his mother Bessie were admitted to a private hospital in Kozhikode due to vomiting. Of these, Benny’s health remains critical. His brother, a theological student, was not at home because he was studying at Vipin Seminary.

Unbelievable natives; Defendant arrested in seven days
Kasaragod: Cucumber St. Jude’s Higher Secondary School has won the SSL this year. C. It was while preparing for further studies after passing the exam with high marks that Annemarie’s life was poisoned by her own brother. The police were proud to be able to prove the heinous crime that shocked the country amidst the hustle and bustle of Kovid defense and monsoon. Albin was a natural who did not speak to many in the country. Soon after Plus, he worked in a bakery in Vellarikundu. Later he left the country. In the meantime, he had completed the IT course. Later he got a job in a hotel in Kottayam district. Coming home during this lockdown.
Not so active in the country. Neighbors say he spends most of his time on his mobile phone. The girl he met on social media is said to be Albin’s girlfriend.

To make Albin’s move a mass suicide
Kasargod: The accused brother Albin has tried his best to turn the murder of his sister Balalil’s rat poison in ice cream into a mass suicide, police said. Defendant Albin admitted that he had planned and committed murder to rob the family when questioned on the basis of scientific evidence. According to police, after months of preparation, Albin decided to kill himself by adding rat poison to his ice cream.
He also believed that domestic violence could lead to suicide due to family problems. Albin bought rat poison in late July from Cucumber Town. The ice cream was made in two bowls at home. The ice cream in the large bowl was chilled in the freezer and everyone ate. The next day, Albin mixed poison in a small bowl of ice cream. More than half of the poison in the packet was mixed in a small bowl. It was when her parents and sister were out of the house. Shortly afterwards, Annemarie transferred the small bowl of ice cream to the freezer. On the same day, Annemarie and Benny ate the ice cream.
Mother Jessie ate very little. This time Albin tactfully said no to ice cream, saying he had a sore throat after eating ice cream the previous day. Benny suggested that the rest of the ice cream be given to the dog, but Albin refused. Albin, who unknowingly ruined the ice cream, also pretended to be physically ill to avoid suspicion. Albin attended his sister’s funeral and ran to the hospital to reassure his parents.

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