Fear not, 19,532,532 Kovid patients worldwide, 723,184 deaths – NEWS 360 – WORLD


New York: The number of Kovid victims in the world is on the rise. A total of 19,541,219 people worldwide are affected by Kovid. 724,050 people have died from the disease so far. 12,544,480 people were cured.

The number of cases is on the rise in the United States and Brazil. India is next. The U.S. has the highest number of patients. A total of 5,095,524 people were diagnosed with the disease here. Covid has killed 164,094 people in the United States so far.

2,616,967 people were cured. Kovid has so far confirmed 2,967,064 cases in Brazil. The death toll rose to 99,702. 2,068,394 people recovered. Kovid confirmed 2,086,864 people in India. 42,578 died. 1,427,669 people were cured.

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