Everyday Eat Meat? Caution 5 Signs of the Body Digestion!


Suara.com – At the moment of Eid al-Adha 2020 as it is today, beef and goat stocks are abundant. Many then consume meat continuously for a week.

Meat is indeed one of the foods that is full of nutrients, but it also contains a number of natural chemical poisons, saturated fats and other poor elements when digested.

Therefore, eating too much meat can have serious consequences, from an increased risk of diabetes from heart disease to cancer.

The following was reported from Geelong Medical & Health Group, signs of the body can not digest meat properly.

Illustration of goat meat. (Pixabay / SvenHilker)
Illustration of goat meat. (Pixabay / SvenHilker)

1. Constipation

Everyone has a different digestive system due to genetic factors and dietary habits. Meanwhile, fat needs more time for the body to digest.

For this reason, meat consumption can cause digestive disorders the next day, one of which is constipation. Constipation can be caused by high iron which is usually found in red meat, such as beef, lamb, lamb and pork.

Tips, some studies reveal that eating too much red meat can increase the risk of colon cancer.

Try eating red meat only in conservative amounts (100-200 g only twice a week) with lots of vegetables or whole grains.

2. Easily hungry

If you always feel hungry all the time even though you just finished eating, it could be a sign that the body has too much protein.

When you don’t have enough carbohydrates, your body’s blood sugar goes down and doesn’t produce serotonin which regulates mood, chemicals that make you feel hungry.

The tips, try to consume yogurt if you always feel hungry. Try not to eat meat for several days, then check whether the body is better or not.

Illustration of hunger, which apparently makes people easily stressed [shutterstock]
Illustration of hunger, which apparently makes people easily stressed [shutterstock]

3. Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes come from lack of sleep or fatigue. This can occur because the body does not digest meat properly and can interfere with the beauty of your skin.

The disrupted intestinal lining allows the flesh particles to pass through the intestinal wall and directly into the undigested bloodstream.

Eventually, the body will try to produce certain antibodies to eliminate foreign substances, and the reaction can be dark circles under the eyes.

4. High blood pressure

If you experience high blood pressure, it can be a sign it’s time to reduce meat intake. Cooked meat that is cooked usually contains high sodium levels.

In addition, chicken skin and red meat are high in saturated fat which also causes hypertension and triggers coronary heart disease. The tips, try to reduce the amount of meat consumed, instead of switching to vegetables.

5. Bad breath and bad smell

Bad breath and body odor can be a sign of the body not digesting meat properly. If the meat is not digested properly, an unpleasant odor will come out of the digestive system which eventually enters the skin and breath.

If you continue to experience this unpleasant problem, try taking digestive enzymes, which can be in the form of drugs or natural like bananas and pineapple, to help break down the meat so it does not accumulate in your intestines.

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