Every month, 3,200 Belgians reject inheritance


Every month more than 3,200 Belgians reject an estate with mainly debts free of charge. This is evident on Thursday from data from the notary federation Fednot.

An heir can relinquish an inheritance free of charge if the deceased leaves more debts than assets, or if the amount he or she receives after deducting all debts does not exceed 5,219.21 euros. The latter amount was still indexed at the beginning of this month. The heir must have a statement drawn up for this by the notary. The costs are borne by a fund.

No personal items

In the period from March 2018 to the end of July 2020, 93,021 Belgians rejected an estate, which amounts to 3,208 rejections per month. Relatively speaking, the number of rejected inheritances is higher in Wallonia than in Flanders, but in absolute numbers it is almost the same: 43,841 in Wallonia in the period from March 2018 to July 2020 and 43,071 in Flanders. In Brussels there were 6,109.

By rejecting an estate, the deceased’s creditors are no longer able to turn to the heirs for payment of those debts. “The result is that the heir relinquishes all property from the deceased person’s estate and cannot claim personal items such as photos from that estate,” says Fednot.

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