England’s run chase against Pakistan; This is the first case in the last 20 years


MaThe first three days of the Chelsea Test were won by the Pakistan team. The cricket world thought that they would win by defeating England. But on the decisive fourth day, the match slipped out of Pakistan’s hands for the first time as England emerged with irreplaceable fighting spirit. Chris Vokes proved that he could win the match not only with the ball but also with the bat when Jose Butler made amends for the mistakes behind the wicket in front of the wicket.

When England surpassed Pakistan’s target of 277 by seven wickets, their birth was unprecedented in the last 20 years. This is the first time since 2000 that a team has won a Test match against Pakistan by more than 250 runs. Before the match against England, Pakistan had defended in 34 Tests since 2000. Of these, 26 matches were won and eight matches were drawn. He had not lost a single one. Butler and Vaux edited that history.

This is England’s 10th highest run chase victory in Tests. And the sixth in the country. He has scored 164 runs in Tests against England, averaging over 275. He won 10 of these matches and lost 103. 51 matches were drawn.

Jose Butler and Chris Vokes

Things were favorable for Pakistan for three days and at the start of the fourth day. Their fielders and bowlers were not idle by word of mouth. Oli Pope had to ask the Pakistani players to keep quiet while walking outside to the dressing room. England were on the verge of defeat as they collapsed to 117 for five. But Jose Butler and Chris Vokes did not intend to give up the game. The duo put on a sixth-wicket stand to win the toss and elected to bat. They both batted in ODI style, proving that attack is the best defense.

Their 139-run stand for the sixth wicket was the driving force behind England’s victory. After trailing Pakistan by three days, England bounced back on the fourth day with the fighting spirit of Butler and Vaux.

Jose Butler hit 75 off 101 balls, including seven fours and a six, while Chris Vokes was unbeaten on 84 off 120 balls with 10 fours. Vox is the star of the game.

England become first Test team since 2000 to chase 250 run plus target against Pakistan
Naseem Shah

The captain’s wicket-taker

Pakistan’s teenager Naseem Shah has set a new record by knocking out England captain Joe Root in the match. Naseem became the second youngest captain to take a Test wicket. Naseem was 17 years and 175 days old when the route was taken out. Piyush Chawla holds the record for the youngest wicket – taker by a captain. Chaula has sacked England captain Andrew Flintoff at the age of 17 years and 79 days.

Content Highlights: England become first Test team since 2000 to chase 250 run plus target against Pakistan

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