Embarrassing: Our first racket was stopped in a tournament with 7 negative tests in 8 days


At the center of a scandalous situation with COVID-19 was Bulgaria’s first tennis racket Victoria Tomova. For almost 10 days now, Italian journalists and the organizers of the tournament in Palermo have firmly defended the position that she has a coronavirus and this is the reason why she withdrew from the competition.

Although determined to remain silent on the unpleasant subject, Vicky agreed to clarify the situation for the official website of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation.

Here is the interview of our first rocket on the case:

“Vicki, maybe we should start with the question you’ve been asking yourself in recent days.” Are you healthy

– Thank God, yes. I’m really tired of repeating or proving it. You have no idea what headaches the whole story of my family and the people around me brought.

– How did what happened in Palermo come about?

– Honestly, it is difficult for me to explain it and I still do not understand the attitude of the hosts towards me. I arrived in Italy with a negative PCR test from Bulgaria. As soon as I went, however, they did a quick test that showed the presence of antibodies. Everyone who knows knows what this means – I’ve already had the virus, but I’m not sick right now.

– Were you aware that you had COVID-19?

“Yes, I must have gotten him on his feet at the end of June.” When I was in Belgrade, I had days with severe headaches and other ailments. Then I went through the disease.

– What happened in Palermo after the quick test?

– I would say that they panicked there. They immediately locked me up and did a PCR. He showed an indefinite result. For the first time I realized that there is such a value – neither positive nor negative, but the organizers said that for them it means a positive test. To my surprise, I agreed to a third test on Italian soil. He showed a negative result for both me and my father.

– And then why didn’t everything fall into place, when in practice you have two negative PCR tests and one indeterminate one?

– I ask myself this question. They wanted to do a new test, which, to our surprise, gave a positive result. I have no explanation for how … That was the day before my first game. And then a real walk of torment began. I was treated as a contagious patient, taken by ambulance from the hotel to a clinic where only patients with coronavirus were isolated. And the tests went on, my father and I were like guinea pigs.

– How many tests did you take?

– With the negative in Bulgaria I got 8 in 8 days. But even this number failed to convince the Italians that I was healthy. And I assure you that taking a test secret is not a pleasant experience at all, especially when it happens so often. It caused me headaches, pains in my temples and nose. But I hope it’s all behind me. I received support from people close to me, from the tennis federation. Thanks to everyone who is by my side.

– Against the background of this unpleasant story, however, came the good news that you are entering the main scheme of the US Open.

– That’s right, it’s good to have positive moments. This is a great chance for me to show what I am capable of. However, I have not yet decided what to do for the US Open. My team and I will make the best decision, given the coronavirus situation, the difficult conditions for traveling and entering America, and all the other factors that matter.

One thing is for sure – if I play at the US Open, I will do my best for a good performance for Bulgaria as well. Our sport may not bring medals to our country, but certainly our successes contribute to its prestige in the huge world sports family.

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