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Actress Durga Krishna’s photoshoot pictures were different on social media. The photoshoot was titled ‘The Boss Beach’. These photoshoots are different from Durga’s native Malayalee roles. Fans came up with comments for the photo. The actress has now shared a post about her photoshoot on Facebook. The star’s post is in response to a fan comment.

“Dear haters, not only this, there is still more to be seen, then more haters can say more than this. Wait patiently,” the note said.


In the photoshoot pictures I shared earlier, I wore a single sleeve in puff model with a net finish. The deep neck and the diamond cut opening at the waist make the look even more glamorous. The actress is seen in a classy boss look without any jewelery. The photoshoot was prepared by Jackson. Durga herself shared her photos on Facebook.


“Durga Krishna is an ordinary Keralite girl. She is an ordinary girl who loves saris and salwars. This photoshoot of Durga is a mysterious miracle. It took a lot of effort to understand this photoshoot with a cigarette in her hand”.

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