Dozens injured in clashes in Beirut, Lebanon may be left without bread


Lebanese authorities have sent significant military and police forces to downtown Beirut to restore order in the streets following clashes between protesters and police, TASS reported.

According to the Lebanese Red Cross, at least 45 people were injured in the clashes, seven of whom were taken to hospitals.

Demonstrators tried to seize the parliament building. Encouraged by the resignation of Hassan Diab’s government yesterday, opposition leaders are now pushing for the dissolution of parliament and early elections. The demands also include an international investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut, which caused numerous casualties and severe damage.

According to the Lebanon Debate news site, among the reasons for the government’s resignation were internal disagreements in the cabinet over the involvement of international experts in the August 4 tragedy investigation.

The protests in Beirut have been going on for three days now, demanding the resignation of the entire political elite.

At the same time, the UN has warned that if the port of Beirut is not reopened within two weeks, the country could run out of bread.

“I am extremely concerned that the bread in the country will run out in about two and a half weeks,” said David Beasley, executive director of the UN World Food Program, at a briefing on the humanitarian situation in Lebanon.

According to him, 85 percent of the grain in the country is imported. It arrives through the port of Beirut, which was destroyed.

We are now working to restore, at least temporarily, the port’s ability to accept food ships. We have sent a ship with 17,500 tons of wheat, which can arrive in Beirut in two weeks and provide Lebanon with bread for twenty days, said Beasley. Larger deliveries of bread are also being prepared, he added.

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