Downward trend in new infections continues


The average number of reported new infections with the coronavirus per day continues to decrease in Belgium. This is evident from the daily figures from health agency Sciensano.

83,030 infections have now been reported in Belgium. The rate at which new cases are emerging continues to decline. The daily mean in the week of 17 to 23 August was 492.3 cases. That is 8 percent less than in the seven days that preceded.

According to the latest figures, 9,879 people have died of the virus in Belgium. Earlier this week, Sciensano removed 121 deaths from the statistics after new data was supplied from Flemish nursing homes. In the week of August 17 to 23, an average of six people died from the virus every day. That is 44 percent less than a week earlier.

During the same period, an average of 24.3 people were admitted to hospital per day. That is a decrease of 30 percent from a week earlier.

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