Dengue Fever Case in May 2020 Declining



BANDAR LAMPUNG ( – Cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in Lampung in July 2020 decreased. It was known based on data from the Lampung Province DBD disk since January-July 2020.

In the data, the number of DHF cases in May totaled 248 cases. In cases during July no cases of death were found. The number was even less than the total cases in June, namely 341 cases.

In addition, this number is also the lowest during 2020. It is known that in January there were 975 cases, February 1664 cases and as many as 1246 cases in March.

Meanwhile, if totaled since January, there were 5,407 cases. As many as 22 people have been declared dead.

Related to this, the Media Relations Public Relations Lampung Media Lisna revealed, the decrease in the number of cases was due to weather changes. According to him the rainy season in Lampung began to end.

“The increase in dengue cases usually does occur at the height of the rainy season,” he said when contacted, Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

He added, the most dengue cases in July were in the Bandar Lampung Region which was 89 cases. Whereas Right Way and Metro were not found to have dengue cases.

Based on these data it is seen the peak increase in dengue cases in Lampung in February. In the second month, dengue fever cases in Lampung reached 1,664 cases.

Even so, Lisna appealed to the community to keep the environment clean. Moreover, Lampung is currently entering the transition season.

“Not only DHF, we also have to avoid other diseases, especially during the transition season as usual the body is susceptible to disease,” he said.

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