Coronavirus found in packages of frozen seafood in China


Authorities in China have discovered the new coronavirus on the packaging of frozen seafood, arrived from the port city of Dalian, reports Reuters.

The virus has been detected on the outer packaging of frozen seafood, bought from three companies in Yantai, a port city in the eastern province of Shandong.

The Yantai city government said in a statement that the seafood is from an imported shipmentwhich lands in Dalian but does not say where it came from.

In July, customs officials in Dalian, a large port in the northeastern province of Liaoning, found a coronavirus on the packaging of frozen shrimp imported from Ecuadorand China then stopped imports from three shrimp producers in Ecuador.

Part of the seafoodpurchased by the three Yantai companies were processed for export, and the rest were stored in refrigerated warehouses and did not enter the market. Asked if some of the processed seafood had been exported, a member of staff at the Yantai Coronavirus Response Unit declined to answer and referred Reuters to a statement from the Yantai city government.

Authorities sealed the goods, and anyone who handled the goods is quarantined and tested negative for coronavirus, according to a statement from the authorities.

The latest outbreak of coronavirus in the town of Dalian dates back to late July, with the first case working for a seafood processing company. By August 9, Dalian had reported a total of 92 cases.

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