Columbus is silent on Merzlikkin and is preparing for the third match of the series against Lightning


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Upcoming night at At 2:30 Latvian time, the third game of the National Hockey League (NHL) Stanley Cup Eastern Conference quarter-finals series will be played in Toronto, Canada, between Elvis Merzlikkin’s Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning. The score in the series is 1-1.

Although there were five extra times in the first match, but there was only one day off between the two games, Jonas Korpisalo also took the field in the second fight. After the bag’s performance, he didn’t look tired, because the 26-year-old goalkeeper acted quite convincingly. Although he scored the puck after Nikita Kucherov’s shot in the sixth minute, the Blue Jackets goal remained intact for the rest of the time, with Korpisalo repelling 36 shots.

“We couldn’t afford to be in the 0-2 series,” said Columbus head coach John Tortorella after the match. “The start of the match was not the most successful, but then we ran and generally had a better game. But in the future we need to become even stronger, ”says the experienced specialist.

Before the series, it became known that for some time the team would not be able to help Elvis Merzlikins, who was injured. Torotrell does not know when the Latvian will be ready to go on the field and the currently available information does not indicate that the goalkeeper of the Latvian national team could appear in the team’s application for the third match.

This means that the duo Korpisalo – Kivlenieks will also go to the Blue Jackets Square next night. The Finnish hockey player has become a Columbus hero, which his teammates are not ashamed to celebrate. “We all saw him play throughout the season. When we make a mistake, he corrects it. What else can be required of a goalkeeper? His performance gives us the confidence to try to do something risky in an attack. In this “play-off”, he looks impressive since the first game, “said striker Pierre Lux Dibou.

Meanwhile, Blue Jackets spectator Jeff Svoboda has counted that in the “play-in” series against Toronto’s “Maple Leafs” and in two matches against “Lightning” Columbus, playing five to five, spent 459: 20 minutes on the court and conceded only seven goals or 0 goals. .91 puck in 60 minutes. This is also one of the secrets of Blue Jackets. The second is a fantastic dedication – as viewer Nikita Petukhov put it, you can see every dollar spent on Columbus Square. This means that this team plays very closely, and it is not so easy for Lightning hockey players, who are used to more freedom on the field, to break this defense.

So far, the leaders of Tampa Bay have not shown themselves in all their glory. If the Blue Jackets continue to successfully neutralize their opponents, then the Florida team will have to hope for character. But, for example, last year’s series does not suggest that the character is Lightning’s strongest point.

The first round of the Stanley Cup

Tampa Lightning – Columbus Blue Jackets 1-1

Vegas Golden Khnights – Chicago Blackhawks 2-0

Colorado Avalanche – Arizona Coyotes 2-0

Dallas Stars – Calgary Flames 1-2

St. Louis Blues – Vancouver Canucks 0-2

Philadelphia Flyers – Montreal Canadiens 1–1

Washington “Capitals” – New York “Islanders” 0–2

Boston Bruins – Carolina Hurricanes 1-1

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