Citizens Crowded Question Thick Eyebrows Djoko Tjandra: Is This The Real Person?


Sunday, August 2, 2020 – 00:52 WIB

Fugitive corruption case transferring the right to claim (cessie) Bank Bali Djoko Tjandra (center) who was arrested in Malaysia. Photo: ANTARA / Muhammad Adimaja, JAKARTA – Bank Bali corruption suspect Djoko Tjandra has been the subject of news in a number of mass media since June.

The man whose real name is Joko Soegiarto Tjandra, who was proven to transfer the rights of the Bank Bali bills (cessie) based on the Supreme Court ruling in 2009, should have been serving a sentence of imprisonment for two years and a fine of Rp 15 million at that time. However, he managed to escape abroad.

On Thursday (30/7), the National Police announced that Djoko Tjandra had been successfully secured in Malaysia.

The man who had been a fugitive for 11 years was then brought to Indonesia and is now a fostered citizen in the Salemba Detention Center, Central Jakarta.

The arrest of Djoko Tjandra by the police received appreciation from various parties and was widely discussed on several social media platforms.

However, not all citizens agree that the figure secured by the police is the original Djoko Tjandra. The reason, Djoko Tjandra’s eyebrows before being arrested was different from the time after being arrested.

The suspicion then arose from the upload of the Twitter account owner, on Saturday (1/8). The upload has now been liked by 28 people and reshared 12 times.

“Is the Djoko Tjandra who was captured is the real Djoko Tjandra …? The thing is that you have thick eyebrows.”




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