China is sending medics for mass testing for coronavirus in Hong Kong


Beijing will also provide support for the construction of a mobile hospital for coronavirus patients in the city

13:07 | August 2, 2020

Tsvetan Krastev

China is sending technicians and medical experts to Hong Kong to help the city step up coronavirus testing and build a specialized mobile hospital for Covid-19 patients as the region’s epidemic worsens, Bloomberg reported.

More than 60 laboratory technicians from the Chinese province of Guangdong will be sent to Hong Kong at the request of the government, the Chinese State Health Commission said in its official position. The commission notes that the central authorities in Beijing are ready to provide more resources and support at any time.

China’s state television, CCTV, said free coronavirus testing would be provided to all 7.5 million Hong Kong residents, but the media did not cite a source. CCTV also estimates that testing can be completed in a few days.

Six medics from Wuhan, where the virus first appeared, will also be sent to Hong Kong to help with the process of working at a mobile hospital to be built soon to accept patients with moderate symptoms, the commission said.

125 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Hong Kong on Saturday, and for the 11th day in a row, more than 100 new people with a proven coronavirus infection were identified. And on Friday, the Hong Kong government announced that parliamentary elections scheduled for September would be postponed for a year due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus in the region.

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