Can Uric Acid Patients Eat Fish Oil?


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Fish oil is known as a source of omega-3 fatty acids which are very important to control the immune system in the body, maintain brain function and help control cholesterol and body fat.

However, many gout sufferers are afraid of consuming fish oil, considering that fish oil supplements come from deep sea fish which has a very high purine content. Meanwhile, gout sufferers are required to avoid all types of foods that contain high purines.

When you consume foods with high purines, the body will break them down into crystals which then form uric acid which settles in the joints. Therefore, some people worry that consuming fish oil can worsen uric acid.

Researchers from the University of Boston School of Medicine, USA, conducted a study to determine the relationship between consumption of omega-3 fatty acids and the risk of gout.

The results show that omega 3 fatty acids have a very high potential to reduce the risk and acute symptoms of gout.

“The anti-inflammatory effect on fish oil has high potential to reduce inflammation due to gout. However, everyone must have control on daily consumption of fish oil due to different body conditions,” said one researcher Tuhina Neogi, as quoted from the Healio page , Wednesday.

Consuming fish oil can help correct the imbalance of “bad fat” in the body and reduce inflammation. This can help reduce pain, swelling, redness and joint damage associated with gout.

“In a study of 724 gout patients, patients who consumed one fish oil per day had significantly lower symptoms of gout than those who did not consume fish oil at all,” Neogi said.

Nevertheless, patients who consume more than two fish oil per day actually experience an increase in symptoms of gout.

“The clinical significance of this finding is the signal that shows that omega-3 has an important role and benefit in reducing the symptoms and risk of gout if taken in appropriate doses,” Neogi said.

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