Call for protest demonstration in Suriname on Monday 17 August


The District Commissioner (DC) of Paramaribo North-East Mike Nerkust who comes from the camp of the NDP, would be maintained in his position by Vice President Ronny Brunswijk. Many in society were firmly against this and the social media was full of posts from angry people burgers and a protest was called in front of the Vice President’s office.

Nerkust was recently discredited because he gave advice as DC about giving the Surinamese heritage ‘Palm Garden’ to a foundation, of which the then first lady was chairman and he was the treasurer of it at the same time. This is a conflict of interest and was not accepted by the new government.

In a Facebook post a few hours ago, the political party Abop indicates to its Facebook followers that DC Nerkust will be replaced immediately. The message is below.

Dear Surinamese,

We would like to indicate that DC Nerkust will be replaced immediately and must register for an interview on Monday.

We have heard your opinion and appreciate it very much. We are grateful for that because it keeps us alert. The party has identified several candidates for the position. There is still a choice to be made.

There will be a reassessment of RVC posts. In the coming week, the party leadership will issue a statement regarding the state of affairs.-

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