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London: Britain is set to issue a coin to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi. Britain also honors the Father of the Nation of India as part of its recognition of the contributions of Asians, blacks and other minorities.

British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak had written to the Royal Mint Advisory Council asking them to consider unique talents from such categories when issuing coins. Following this, the UK claimed that the issue of Mahatma Gandhi’s coin was under consideration by the Royal Mint. Informed in the Treasury statement.

India gained independence from British rule in 1947 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi through non-violent struggle. Gandhi, the Father of the Nation of India, who led the freedom struggle through non-violence, was universally recognized. His birthday, October 2, is celebrated as World Non-Violence Day.

The assassination of George Floyd, a black man in the United States, sparked worldwide protests against racism and occupation. With this, many institutions in the UK began to change their minds. And recognized blacks, Asians, and other ethnic minorities. As part of this, the British government is preparing to honor those from such communities.

Content Highlights:Britain is considering minting a coin to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi

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