Boycott of sports in the United States because of a shooting


A boycott of American athletes in various sports has virtually “frozen” championships in several professional leagues overseas. The reason was the incident in the state of Wisconsin, in which an African-American was shot by a police officer.

The Milwaukee Bucks basketball players were the first to react, refusing to play in the NBA playoffs against the Orlando Magic.

The focus today cannot be on basketball in the face of continuing racial injustice to the African-American community, “said a statement from the players who remained in the locker room instead of going out on the court.

The league subsequently announced that all three games of the day had been postponed. Her example was followed by the baseball league, which postponed its three games, as well as the Major League Soccer, where five football matches were scheduled. Only the NHL conducted the two clashes on a program that led to serious criticism.

The lack of attention and reaction to this issue is insulting to me as a black hockey player, “said San Jose Sharks striker Evander Kane.

The case continued with a meeting between NBA clubs whether to boycott the entire season. According to leaked inside information, only the two teams from Los Angeles were in favor of such a denouement, while the others preferred to finish the championship. Lakers star LeBron James, one of the most vocal supporters of the Black Lives Matter campaign, left the rally angry before the end.

MMA star: LeBron to become a policeman

The star of UFC Colby Covington has criticized NBA players’ decision to boycott games in protest of police violence.

If you really want to do something about it, terminate your multimillion-dollar contracts, leave the protected suburbs and stop playing this child’s play – announced the fighter in the middleweight category. “Get a job with the police to see that this is the most difficult profession in America.”

Covington addresses his post specifically to LA Lakers superstar LeBron James, one of the biggest rights activists in the sport.

They also stopped the tennis tournament in New York after Osaka refused

The men’s tennis tournament in New York, which is in the Masters category, was also suspended for a day due to another criminal incident in the United States. This denouement came after Naomi Osaka followed the example of NBA players and refused to appear on the court for her semifinal match.

I know that with one gesture I will not change anything, but at least I can draw attention to the topic, “explained the Japanese.

The organizers decided not to impose an official loss on her, but to cancel all matches for the day. Before that, however, Novak Djokovic managed to qualify for the men’s semifinals after a 6-3, 6-1 victory over Germany’s Jan-Leonard Struff.

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