Botev (Plovdiv) – Beroe 3: 2, second goal of Nedelev!


The first half started in the most unpleasant way possible for the hosts.

After only 3 minutes of play, they lost in the result, and two more later they were already behind with 0: 2.

This became possible as Conte was accurate twice – first with a powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area, and then from the penalty spot.

In the first situation, a long stir in the home team’s penalty and two unsuccessful attempts by Pereira to break the ball forward made the ball reach the invading speed Conte, who without thinking, with a thick shot shot the goalkeeper for 0: 1.

In the second position, Fal advanced in the penalty area, Georgiev was late with his intervention and knocked him to the ground, and the referee Chinkov did not hesitate and pointed to the white dot.

Behind the ball in the 11th meter stood Conte, who sent a guard into the opposite corner and scored for 2-0 in favor of his team.

The hosts “woke up” only at the end of the half, as first Dobrev failed to sign from a favorable position, and then a long stir in the penalty of Vassilev ended with a shot in the frame behind the young goalkeeper.

Previously, Makuta and Furtado could also score for the guests, but did not have a chance to do so.

A goal for Botev (Pd) was never scored until the break and the result remained unchanged.

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