Bomb in pop folk! Tanya Boeva’s ex became pregnant with Bonnie


Great joy came from the music producer of “Painer” Mihail Burgudjiev, who is a former husband of the folk star Tanya Boeva. He is expecting a second child with his young girlfriend Borislava.

Burgudjiev has built a new family nest, and 2 years after his scandalous divorce from the singer, the composer will become a father for the second time. Misho has been with his new partner Borislava Bozhkova for two years and although she is not from the folk guild, she has added the pseudonym Bonnie to her name, Weekend writes.

The young brunette has a vision of a model and is 15 years younger than Burgudjiev. She has a profession far from the music world. Borislava worked as a sales representative in one of the largest companies for the production of chickens. Like Misho, she had a child from a previous relationship. Her daughter Raya was three years younger than the composer’s eldest son, Rosen, and he raised her as his own child. Some time ago, it was Boeva’s ex-husband who shot her in the starry space as a singer.

In addition to writing her hits, for many years Misho accompanied her everywhere as a driver and sound engineer. The two passed for one of the most stable families in folk. In 2018, they divorced after 18 years of marriage and started a war for custody of their child and the money for him. The court ordered Boeva ​​to receive alimony of BGN 400 for their son. The musician received permission to see Rosen whenever he wanted. Their ex-husbands shared everything they had acquired during their marriage.

The newly divorced Tanya fell in love with a muscular young man. However, their relationship fell apart, Tanya disappeared from the media. Boeva ​​changed her look and surprisingly turned from blonde to brunette. The singer underwent several beauty treatments, and the corrections on her face made her unrecognizable. After her divorce from Burgudjiev, her career took a turn for the worse. Tanya has not presented a new song since 2017. and there are no participations, reminds

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