Beamer deliberately frustrated with Dhoni: Akhtar ‘confesses’ | Akhtar on Dhoni


ISLAMABAD: Former Pakistan pacer Shuaib Akhtar has admitted that he deliberately threw a beamer against Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Akhtar has admitted that he deliberately threw a beamer at Dhoni during a Test match in Faisalabad during the 2006 Test series. In the first innings of this Test, Dhoni scored his maiden century in international Test cricket.

Dhoni then struck 148 runs with 19 fours and four sixes. Akhtar has revealed that he was fed up with Dhoni’s attack in the Test, which ended in a draw.

In this match, Dhoni had scored three fours in an over by Akhtar. It was after this that Akhtar Beamer threw Dhoni’s head high. Luckily, the ball, which did not fit on Dhoni’s body, crossed the boundary wide with his head. Akhtar said in an interview with former Indian cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra that the beamer was deliberately thrown.

‘I was the only one to bowl eight or nine spells in a row in Faisalabad that day. Dhoni smashed a century in that match. After this, I threw a beamer against Dhoni. It was intentional. “I later realized the mistake and apologized to Dhoni,” Akhtar said.

‘That was the first time in my life that Beamer deliberately threw. The truth is that I should not have done that. I have regretted this many times. The pitch was not fast at all in that Test. Dhoni is in brilliant form. No matter how fast I bowled, Dhoni kept hitting. With that, the beamer got tired of bowling, ”said Akhtar.

English Summary: ‘I think I got frustrated’: When Shoaib Akhtar apologised to MS Dhoni for ‘purposely’ bowling a beamer

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