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The coach of CSKA 1948 Krassimir Balakov can’t wait for the start of the new season in efbet League, where his team will play for the first time. He revealed to the “House of Football” on DIEMA SPORT that he wants his graduates to play good football, to improve their game and to impose their vision. The bronze medalist from the USA ’94 stressed that the emphasis should be on Bulgarian players in order to raise the level of the national teams. Balakov supported the ambitions of Martin Kamburov in his pursuit to become the most successful goal scorer in the history of the Bulgarian elite and said that if CSKA 1948 had the opportunity, he would attack the top places.

“We are working in the best way. We are preparing. We expect to show that we are in good condition in the first match,” he began.

What are the goals?

“The names oblige the fact that I am a coach. The goals are to play good football and to improve our game every game. There is no way not to look for high goals,” Balakov said.

Is the team ready for the start of the season?

In the beginning we have 2 very serious matches, but there will be no lack of motivation and attitude. We have to balance things and when we go out we look like a cohesive and good team looking for victory “, the coach continued.

To what extent are the players ready?

“There is no team that is 100% ready. It is not just about us. The championship is long. There are always holes in it. We have prepared in the best way. We will analyze things further and adjust whatever it has to be corrected, “said the Tarnovo resident.

Is there a goal from management?

“No, no. The goal is to play quality football every game and we will have to win accordingly,” was the fourth in the world.

Where does he see the team at the end of the championship?

“The talk is unnecessary. The team is in the efbet League for the first time. The goals are big, but before the start of the championship it is very difficult to talk about what will happen. The team is submissive. He has a vision that he wants to impose during the matches. We are convinced that we can make the championship interesting. We can contribute to a very interesting championship “, shared the legend of Bulgarian football.

What did he prepare for the match with CSKA?

“There are not many secrets in Bulgaria. Although they brought in a lot of new players, we watched them. We know what this is about. After the match we will analyze whether we have fulfilled the goals “, the former national coach was brief.

For the team of Bulgarians

“And in Eter I didn’t have many foreigners. In general, we were mostly Bulgarians. Based on this pandemic, more Bulgarians can be brought in. This should be a trend not only for 1-2-3 teams, but for more. We need to start. to think about the Bulgarians if we want good national teams. This is the idea of ​​the club itself. Not every position has two or three that you can take from the Bulgarian market “, the 54-year-old coach thinks.

What was the most serious challenge for him?

“Our team is built. The selection was made before me. I’ve been involved, perhaps, in attracting one or two. It is built with thought. I have to adapt to the whole selection and make the team look good. It will be very interesting for me how we will look against the leading teams that play for the first two places “, said the former midfielder of Stuttgart and Sporting Lisbon.

About Martin Kamburov and his ambition to become the top scorer №1 in the history of Bulgarian football

“It’s an individual goal. He understands that we will be happy if he fulfills it with our team. I know him very well. He himself says that the goal is important, but it is more important for the team to win “, Balakov is eloquent.

About the competition in attack with Andon Gushterov

“In football, competition is the most important thing. As a coach, I can’t be unhappy. Time will tell if the two can play together,” he said philosophically.

Are there any complaints?

No. I have been in this position for 15 years. I went through the carousel of the Bundesliga. There is no tension with me. Everything should be within normal limits. You have to have a charge “, the specialist is sure.

Will there be a new champion?

“I can’t say who will become the champion. I see that Lokomotiv Plovdiv confirms its form in every nature. Slavia fought for the six until 1-2-3 years ago, and now it is in third place. Many other teams have ambitions. It is positive for Bulgarian football that as many teams as possible fight for the top places.

Will his team intervene in the fight for gold medals?

If the door opens for us, why not? In the end, the ambitions of the club oblige us. We don’t even have time to breathe more calmly, “Krassimir Balakov concluded.

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