Azis boasted about the result of a new cosmetic intervention


The king of pop-folk Azis showed the end result of enlarging his biceps through the methods of medicine. This is what the Habibi artist did on social networks, where he posted a shot of his already shaped body. “Here are the hands for which I was insulted, attacked and booed by” specialists “. 4 cm larger biceps just for a day stay in the clinic. They look natural and we have not crossed the line of good taste,” explained the star.We remind you that the singer underwent the intervention at the end of last month. He then stated that the procedure involved injecting a material based on hyaluronic acid. He added that this way he saves years of “pushing” in the gym for 30 minutes.

“By no means do I want to underestimate the results of fitness, on the contrary! Training is very important and useful, but for me the hands were the weakest link and whatever I did did not grow,” said Azis.

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