Assoc. Prof. Mangarov: Children should go to school, but hygiene should be tightened


Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov

“The children have to go to school in person, but the hygiene measures in the schools have to be tightened. All the washbasins have to work, there is soap and wipes. Nothing more.” This was said to BNR by Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov, head of the children’s ward at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Sofia. According to him, the measures announced by the Ministry of Education were made by people who never seemed to enter school and did not take care of children:

“Anyone who says children should wear masks is a person who has not dealt with children.”

According to the infectious disease specialist, the increased number of coronavirus patients accommodated in the intensive care units of hospitals does not mean that the crisis with COVID-19 is deepening:

“There are many more people in the intensive care units than those with coronavirus infection. Accordingly, when more people in the intensive care unit are examined, more infected people will be found. But those who die are for the most part they die not from the coronavirus, but from those diseases for which they were hospitalized. ”

In the program “12 + 4” Assoc. Prof. Mangarov commented on the vaccine created in Russia against COVID-19:

“It can be said that a very serious success has been achieved. Technologically, making such a vaccine is not a problem, the point is that any such vaccine must be tested in terms of its effectiveness and safety. These tests are the most the most difficult part of making a vaccine because it takes time. ”

According to him, nowadays there is talk of evidence-based medicine and such vaccination of one of the daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin is not proof of its safety and effectiveness.

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